UltraTec PD1cv Vascular Doppler with 8 Mhz Probe


UltraTec PD1cv Vascular Doppler with 8 MHz Probe The UltraTec PD1cv is a small, lightweight, high sensitivity pocket doppler available with a fixed vascular probe for precise and delicate work. It is perfectly suited as an entry level doppler for the general practitioner or emergency nurse as well as podiatrists, chiropodists or vascular specialists, for pressure index or routine vascular detection. Choosing the fixed 5 or 8 MHz vascular probe provides an ideal tool for use by a general practitioner for routine vascular investigation, in ER for vessel location or for monitoring pulses and systolic blood pressure and also by the specialist in diabetes or dermatology. Audio signals are available to the user via the built-in loudspeaker or optional headset with output level controlled by rotary volume control. The unit is powered by a standard 9V battery. Internal signal processing minimises noise artifacts with the option of audio output for optional headphones. The PD1cv meets all current EEC standards for medical equipment.