Stainless Steel Kidney Dishes

SKU: M018
By Liberty

Premium grade stainless steel hospital utensils and medical equipment that meets the most exacting requirements of medical and healthcare professionals worldwide.
Manufactured using seamless technology which eliminates areas which harbour bacteria growth. The medical grade stainless steel is a highly corrosion and rust-resistant alloy. The metal is extremely strong and durable and, more importantly, has a characteristic ability to form protective layers.

Product Options
  • M018 KIDNEY DISH 172 X 93 X 34MM
  • M003 KIDNEY DISH 200 X 95 X 38MM
  • M006 KIDNEY DISH 250 X 110 X 45MM
  • M034 KIDNEY DISH 300 X 145 X 57MM
  • M018L LID ONLY 177MM
  • M003L LID ONLY 210MM
  • M006L LID ONLY 255MM