Retractable ID Tag Holder with Carabiner Clip


This Retractable ID Tag Holder will help you keep your ID, electronic verification card or security badge within your reach at all times, without the risk of losing it. The D-shaped carabiner clip can be attached to your belt loop, button hole or lanyard.
The Retractable ID Tag Holder can be fixed securely on all types of clothing, belt loops, straps and bags to quickly pass security checkpoints or electronic locks at the work place. It comes with a long 60cm retractable cord that will allow you to easily swipe an electronic security card or display your ID without reaching into your pocket or bag.
The multi-purpose ID holder is also suitable for holding on to keys, flash drives and other small items that you will need several times throughout the day. Durable and Stylish, the features offered by this badge reel are useful in any modern work environment, such as an office building. Through a combination of practicality and style, it is guaranteed to save you time at the workplace without attracting too much attention to itself. It's simple to use at the right time without being distracting throughout the day.
The Retractable ID Tag Holder is made of a translucent material that comes in three different color finishes - blue, black and red - to best complement your clothing and accessories.

Features & Benefits
  • Badge Reel Carabiners are great for anywhere that requires quick and frequent access to ID badges
  • Easy to use D-shaped carabiner clip for easier fastening to belt loops and bags
  • The nylon cord extends up to 60cm so you don't have to remove it from your clothing
  • The carabiner clip can easily attach to your clothing for quick access

Product Options
  • LTIRBK - Retractable ID Tag Holder with Carabiner Clip Black
  • LTIRBL - Retractable ID Tag Holder with Carabiner Clip Royal Blue
  • LTIRRE - Retractable ID Tag Holder with Carabiner Clip Red