Pull Out Tray Shelves | Double Sided Gondola

By Paragon


Pull out tray shelves or slip shelves on a double sided gondola with up to eighteen (9 each side) pull out tray shelves or slip shelves.

They are ideal for the effective storage of capsules, tablets, liquids, and other medication.

The metal shelving is fitted to high quality metal drawer runners for robustness and durability. Each shelf is fitted with clear polycarbonate dividers that are fully adjustable for quick assembly and ease of use.

Key Benefits:
– Push pad opening
– Self-locking
– Adjustable dividers
– Easily cleaned
– Rotates stock
– Contents fully visible

Standard Post height: 2260mm

Available in three Depths (measurement overall):

Code Depth
305 740mm
405 940mm
505 1140mm

Available in 1/2/3/4 Bay

Overall width according to bay:

1 Bay 2 Bay 3 Bay 4 Bay
System 600 635mm 1236mm 1840mm 2440mm
System 915 950mm 1866mm 2784mm 3700mm