Oxygen Bottle Holder for Stralus C 200 Series

SKU: AX543
By Stralus

The Stralus C 200 Series bed is a high quality Acute Care Bed range that combines contemporary style with advanced Australian engineering and design.
Designed to simplify the user’s day-to-day activities the Stralus C 200 comes standard with an integrated bed extension, battery backup and high quality components such as Linak actuators and Tente wheels.
The Stralus C 200 Series is designed with a range of accessories that can be fitted including
  • AX543 Oxygen Bottle Holder
  • AX-SP002 Self Help Pole
  • AX486 Document Holder
  • AX510 Urinal Bottle Holder
  • BOL860200150 Mattress Bolster

The Stralus C 200 offers various side rail options to meet differing clinical applications and price points.
Axis Health offers an extensive range of compatible foam, hybrid and powered mattress surfaces for the prevention of pressure ulcers and the promotion of wound healing.