Module 60x40 Static Modular Frame Systems | 60cm Opening

By Paragon


Modular Frame Systems

The Module 60 x 40 system is a very flexible concept that can be customised to any room size due to the simple connecting modular frame system. There is no limit to how many bays that can be configured, only limited by room size.

The Module 60 x 40 frame system allows the trays or baskets to be used for a 40cm or 60cm wide opening offering unlimited flexibility for storage requirements. The runner system can also be customised to allow the trays or baskets to be positioned on an angle to allow better visibility of the stored items. The system can be configured for free- standing applications or under bench systems, maximising storage for every situation.

Configuration Options

Simply add on a bay to maximise your storage capacity.
Choose from three tray depths (5, 10, 20cm) and tray divider systems that can be customised to your storage requirements.

Measurements for 60cm opening:

Bay Length (mm)
1 Bay 676mm
2 Bay 1327mm
3 Bay 1978mm
4 Bay 2629mm
5 Bay 3280mm
6 Bay 3931mm
7 Bay 4582mm
8 Bay 5233mm
9 Bay 5884mm
10 Bay 6535mm
Ongoing +651mm per bay

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