Liberty Instrument Sterilisation Basket Lids

By Liberty

Liberty's Instrument Sterilisation Baskets are designed for the washing and sterilising processes in various instrument washers and disinfectors, to increase cycle efficiency and assist staff to effectively clean, compile, sterilise, wrap and transport surgical instruments and other valuable assets. Instrument sterilisation baskets are used to securely hold surgical instruments, endoscopes, screws and other equipment during the cleaning and sterilisation process. These baskets are designed to ensure all surfaces can be reached and not compromise the sterility of the surgical instrument.
Manufactured in high quality 316 stainless steel are strong enough to withstand repeated washing and the roughest handling and designed to increase cycle efficiency and assist CSSD personnel to effectively clean, sterilise and transport surgical instruments.
Our comprehensive range of instrument sterilisation baskets come in a variety of DIN sizes and styles, and included within our range are a large number of accessories to assist with protection of delicate items from damage during the cleaning, compiling, wrapping, sterilising and transportation cycle. The Liberty instrument sterilisation baskets are designed with smooth, rounded surfaces with no sharp edges ensures protection of instruments, reducing potential OH&S risks to CSSD personnel and prevents damage of gloves or wraps.

Instrument Sterilisation Basket Accessories
Silicone Instrument Mats/ Pin Mats
Our range also includes silicone instrument mats, or pin mats, available for use with different sized baskets and trays to securely hold instruments in place limiting damaged during reprocessing. The added benefit with the Liberty Instrument Mats is they can be cut to suit the instrument sterilisation basket size.

Soaker Sheets
An absorbent linen towel should be used to line the bottom. A nonwoven disposable wrapper should not be used to line the tray due to its water-repellent characteristic, causing the moisture to collect at the tray bottom.

Instrument Stringers
Instruments with ring handles should be placed on a “stringer” to maintain the instruments in an open (ratchets fully unlocked) manner and prevent scattering of the instruments in the tray. Instruments of like size, length, shape and function should be grouped together on the stringer as an aid to the CST in the first scrub role to quickly identify instruments during counts and when setting up for the surgical procedure.