ISO Container Cart 2 Section 40cm Opening Size 97 x 71 x 178Hcm

SKU: TTT164624-51519
By Mattteo

Container carts are efficient for sterile product transportation. They are made in anodised aluminium and are available in single, double, or triple bay and can be fitted with baskets, trays or adjustable shelving.

The modules are inserted into the module rails of the container cart with the 40cm side as front. The doors open 270 degrees and can be fixed to the cart sides with a magnet, so they do not occupy extra space when opened.

All container carts are surrounded by a bumper on the upper as well as on the bottom side. By default, the container carts have two swivel wheels and two fixed castors. The wheel diameter depends on the dimensions of the container cart.

Does not include trays.