Hausted ESC2 Ophthalmology Platform

By Hausted

The Hausted All Purpose Chair (APC) is a multi-position chair and stretcher intended for intra- and inter-departmental transport of patients within a healthcare facility. The APC is available in either electric powered (top photo) or hydraulic (bottom photo), and both models can be positioned to allow for patient treatment, transport or recovery. Hausted All Purpose Chairs are an easily adjustable patient treatment and transport device. The chair's backrest can be positioned from sitting to supine, and provides a stable working surface during patient treatment. Four easy-rolling steerable casters allow for maximum mobility and maneuverability. On the electric model, height, backrest, and leg section adjustment is electric powered and is activated with a hand held pendant control. Height adjustment on the hydraulic model is activated with pedals located on both sides of the easy-to-clean base. The backrest and leg section can be adjusted with release levers on the rear of the patient backrest and at the foot of the unit. Request More Information