Dissecting Instrument Kit Wallets


Dissecting Instrument Kit Wallets in three sizes: small, medium and large. These are zip wallets to keep your instruments safe and provide an easy carry and storage tool for your instruments.
A quality dissection kit, geared specifically for school, college students and teachers, are a great learning and exploring tool. Containing instruments necessary to perform complete dissection in a vinyl zippered wallet. This dissecting kit is designed to meet the requirements of students in middle/high school right through to university level anatomy courses.
A dissection lab will require use of dissecting kits. We also offer a range of dissecting kits that are tailored to meet specific lab requirements. These dissecting kits will generally be geared towards either plant or animal dissection.
Each academic level requires different dissection kit. Smaller dissecting kits (Basic dissection kit) will be for elementary age, which will focus on small specimens such as flowers or earthworms. Larger, more advanced dissecting kits will be for dissecting frog, fetal pigs, and larger preserved animals.

Product Options
  • DKWNBZS - Dissecting Instrument Zip Wallet Small
    • 12 Loops, 1 small plastic pocket ideal for blades
    • Wallet Size: 178 mm x 132 mm (when closed)
  • DKWBZL - Dissecting Instrument Zip Wallet Medium
    • 12 Loops, 1 small plastic pocket ideal for blades
  • ICLZ - Dissecting Instrument Zip Wallet Large
    • 51 Loops/Compartments
    • Wallet Size: 39 cm x 31.5 cm