Disposable Suction Pump Canisters 1200 CC

By Liberty

Liberty® Suction Canister Disposable, hard plastic canister system for collecting and retaining aspirated materials. These negative pressure suction canisters are precision manufactured using high quality components.
Made of medical grade PS and PE, these disposable suction pump canisters for use with a suction pump are specially designed for extracting thick liquid such as blood, phlegm, etc. and is available in two different sizes 850cc and 1200cc. The canisters feature easy-to-read graduated calibrations, 4 ports and an airtight seal to prevent spills and optimise suction. The canister has an overflow valve to maintain hygiene standards and sanitisation standards.

Please Note: These are hygienic single use.

  • Graduated, built-in critical measure
  • Single use, disposable
  • Snap-on lid for spill prevention and suction optimisation
  • 4 ports including over flow valve and stem inlet
  • Caps for all ports are engineered for a snuggle seal to prevent any vacuum loss
  • Patient port designed to allow quick hookup and prevent kinked tubing
  • 850cc Volume Canister (lids fit both canisters) Diameter: 84mm bottom, 120mm top
  • 1200cc Volume Canister Diameter: 84mm bottom with 90mm lip, 120mm top
  • 12 pieces to a box, sold individually

Product Options
  • SPCDE0101 - Disposable Suction Pump Canister 850CC
  • SPCDE0302 - Disposable Suction Pump Canister 1200CC