Disposable Peep Valve 5-20 cm with Diverter

SKU: 2722
By Galemed

The original designer of the PEEP valve and is still the most reliable and popular choice on the market Designed for maintaining pressure in patient's lung at the end of expiration Special spring engineered to compensate the tolerance under different flow rate to main high accuracy and consistency Adjustable PEEP Valve pressure range: 2-10cmH2O or 5-20cmH2O MR Conditional models of adjustable PEEP valves are also available Fully autoclavable to 134ºC (except for model/code 2722 which is not autoclavable) Polysulphone plastic housing Color coding for identifying different models and pressure ranges, valves and grommet Stainless steel shifter and spring Connection port: 30F, 22M or 22F Model: Adjustable Materials (disposable model): Polycarbonate, silicone and stainless steel