Clinipak Super Soft Soaker Sheets


High rapid absorption, built-in strength A softened version of the Clinipak soaker sheets offering high and rapid absorption with built-in strength.

Absorbent Soaker Sheets are produced from pure ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) wood pulp, manufactured with low chloride and sulphate content and free from optical brightening agents to ensure suitability as a medical paper. It contains a wet strength resin. The material is low linting and has excellent wet and dry mechanical properties to provide protection during the sterilisation process and subsequent handling.
Super soft soaker sheets are designed for use in steam sterilising systems, although they are also compatible with ethylene oxide sterilising systems.
Super soft soaker sheets are heavy duty tray liners with water absorbency significantly higher than standard crepe liner allowing condensate to be quickly dispersed in order to provide rapid evaporation. This greatly facilitates the production of dry packs and assists the steam sterilisation process. The sheets can be used as a heavy duty tray liner inside a tray or more commonly used under a tray to protect sterilisation wraps from internal damage while still maintaining their condensate absorbing qualities. The sheets may also be used as bath mats or for drying instruments or trays after sterilisation.
Please note: DO NOT cut sheets as this will cause linting on the edges. Folding is acceptable and advisable

Soaker sheets comply with the essential requirements of the Medical Devices Directive EC 93/42 - 2007/47/EC - Class 1. They are CE marked on the product label.

Storage Conditions
It is recommended that Soaker Sheets are stored at 10–35°C / 20–80%RH

Sterilisation Compatibility
Soaker sheets are compatible with stem sterilisation processes up to 137°C

Features & Benefits
  • High rapid absorption, built in strength
  • Protects wraps from sharp edges
  • Lining for trays and baskets, often used between layers to facilitate dry packs
  • Manufactured from pure cellulose in a white shade which will also help to indicate any potential steam problems
  • May be used for containing spills or as a heavy duty tray liner inside a tray or completely enveloping the contents
  • Can be used for containing spills or a bath mat
  • Great for solving wet pack problems

Product Options
  • CSOK001SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 750 x 500 mm (PK 50)
  • CSOK002SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 500 x 375 mm (PK 100)
  • CSOK003SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 305 x 610 mm (PK 100)
  • CSOK004SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 250 x 500 mm (PK 100)
  • CSOK005SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 500 x 500 mm (PK 100)
  • CSOK006SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 250 x 250 mm (PK 100)
  • CSOK007SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 280 x 500 mm (PK 100)
  • CSOK008SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 560 x 1219 mm (PK 50)
  • CSOK009SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 560 x 1524 mm (PK 50)
  • CSOK011SS - Clinipak Soaker Sheets 584 x 914 mm (PK 50)