Clinipak Silicone Pin Matting with Drain Holes


A silicone pin mat with drainage holes and buttons on the underside to allow for easy drainage and steam penetration. The material can withstand all known washing methods and can be cut to size as required.

Features & Benefits
  • A silicone pin mat prevents slipping and ensures safe instrument transportation
  • This mat has been specifically designed with perforations to allow for maximum drainage and to ensure dry packs after sterilisation
  • The mat may be cut to any size and repeatedly used
  • Ideal for use in any tray where a standard size mat is not available
  • The profusion of drainage holes, ensures that moisture withdrawal during autoclaving is not obstructed
  • Withstands all known wash decontamination procedures
  • Latex Free

Product Options
  • CDINPIN001 - Clinipak Silicone Pin Matting
    • Size: 500 x 300 mm