Clinipak Diathermy Cleaning Brushes


A unique stainless brush with a removable guard for use in cleaning diathermy forceps.
A robust pair of stainless steel brushes for cleaning the tips of diathermy forceps. The removable guard prevents damage to the insulation of instruments and the brush can be separated for safer cleaning.

Features & Benefits
  • One pack contains two brushes (10mm & 15mm) complete with fences
  • The guard can be removed and the two brush halves put together to form one brush with two widths
  • A novel concept for safe wash room or theatre cleaning of diathermy forceps/ bipolar forceps
  • The simple guard reduces the risk of damage to insulation
  • Can be separated for thorough cleaning and autoclaving
  • Supplied as a pair - 1 x 10mm wide and 1 x 15mm wide

Product Options
  • CDIA001 - Clinipak Diathermy Cleaning Brushes (1-pair)